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Pens about to make a trade? Mark Letestu could be on the block

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Andy Strickland, a reputable reporter out of St. Louis, seems to think the Pens might be looking to make a trade soon.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are deep up the middle. Almost too deep which is why GM Ray Shero will likely be forced to make a move sometime in the near future. Sources confirm the Penguins have had conversations with multiple clubs about moving center Mark Letestu

A number of Pittsburgh forwards have spent time on the shelf this season including Tyler Kennedy Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, and of course Sidney Crosby.

Each of these players skated Thursday and are due back in the near future. This includes Crosby who I'm told could return from his concussion as soon as a week from now.

In the meantime the Penguins know they will likely be forced to make a roster move, for now Letestu appears to be the odd man out.

What would another team give up for Letestu?  He doesn't have much of an NHL track record and he's had a very slow start to the year, so probably not much.  Cal O'Reilly, who's younger and better regarded, only fetched a 4th round pick in a minor trade earlier this season.  Letestu's price would probably be even lower than that, especially since he has a one-way contract for this season and next.

Our thoughts here?  Let's just hope Crosby is able to return next week and that no one else goes down to injury in the interim.  The Pens might have to prepare to make a move to stay under the 23 man limit, and surely Crosby's return will overshadow any roster move, but for now who knows what will play out from now to then...If Crosby even will make his return from the IR next week.