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What Does the Mark Letestu Trade Mean for Sidney Crosby's Return?

People have been talking about Sidney Crosby's return to the lineup all season long, but the recent Mark Letestu trade has certainly fueled a few more rumors that the roster move has created a vacancy for Crosby to return.

On Monday, two days before the Letestu move, Rob Rossi suggested Crosby would not be ready for a Friday return. Then again, Crosby also projected his typical candid maybe-so, maybe-not response:

"I haven't really thought about that. I've thought more about just getting through this week. (Playing Friday) is a possibility, just like the other however many games left there are (is a possibility)."

On Wednesday, moments after the trade, GM Ray Shero cut out any ties to Letestu's trade and Crosby's return:

"[The trade] doesn't affect anything [with Crosby]," he said. "I know people might read something into it. ... This isn't a precursor to anything imminent. Nothing has changed with [Crosby]."

Dave Molinari went on to add that although it's not being ruled out, there hasn't been anything said or done in the team's front office to suggest Friday is the day.

Given the Pens' history of not being very forthcoming with injuries or roster moves/intentions (after all - do they have to be?), we won't know if Crosby is ready to play until...Crosby is ready to play.

But hasn't that been the case all along?