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Penguins "In the Room" series to bring fans back to 24/7-like coverage

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One of the best parts about following the Pittsburgh Penguins is the team's fresh and often interesting PR moves. They try a lot of things to give access and looks to fans and burgeoning technology is helping the cause.

Take last year's wildly successful and popular 24/7 series by HBO. Everyone loved it and wanted more. Ask and you'll receive. From Mike Colligan at The Hockey Writers:

On Friday, a multi-part series in the spirit of 24/7 called ‘In the Room’ will debut on the team website. The series won’t have the monster budget of an HBO production (or the soothing voice of narrator Liev Schreiber), but it will take fans behind the scenes with the team like never before. Players will be wired for audio, cameras will be present behind closed doors, and fans will even get a look at players lives away from the arena.

The producer of the new show is Leo McCafferty, a Pittsburgh native who spent time with NFL Films under the tutelage of some of the industry’s best sports storytellers. McCafferty says he sees great potential for a series like this in his hometown. "This is a great hockey market and Penguins fans in general are clamoring for more information and media to digest. Our goal is to appeal to those hardcore hockey fans, but also to someone that doesn’t know a thing about the sport."

Hockey’s highlight-reel goals and thunderous body checks are only a backdrop to the people and personalities that really create a team’s identity. When fans can identify with players on a personal level, McCafferty says they’re able to root for more than a name on the back of a jersey.

Everyone loves to see the personalities of the team members and this should be another great peek into the behind-the-scenes stuff. Head over to to watch!