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Tyler Kennedy to the Rescue: Pens Beat Avs in Overtime

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Avalanche Blog: Mile High Hockey

Tyler Kennedy's five goals in seven games is the sort of production you want to see during all this injury talk.  But don't let the overtime goal take away from the fact that Jordan Staal lasered one past Peter Budaj late in the second period and Joe Vitale tipped off all the scoring with his first NHL goal with three minutes remaining in the first.

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Nothing like a power-play goal to seal the deal in overtime.  There was hope, but it was thin.  The Pens were quick to jump out to a 1-0 lead but that quickly turned around into a 2-1 deficit.  Luckily Staal's goal tied it up at two apiece before a scoreless third period segued to overtime.

I like what I saw from Vitale tonight.  Prior to this game, my only outstanding memory of him was a late fight in the Islanders game.  His first career goal is a much more memorable one.  Here's to hoping he has a few more in the tank over the next few weeks or so.

When you consider how healthy the Penguins' defense has been, it's a bit discerning to see Colorado's Chris Stewart literally walk in on Marc-Andre Fleury for the Avs' first goal.  I'll shrug off that second one and chalk it up to a deflection, but there is just a physical presence missing in front of the net.  It may have very well been there all season, but for some reason I feel this is personified even more now that the Pens are struggling for goals.  Am I alone on this? 

Props to Kris Letang for his two assists tonight and an even bigger pat on the back for his play in overtime that ultimately led to the game-winning goal.  Colorado was obviously winded while on the PK but Letang played a clear attempt well enough to keep it in and move the puck around before TK found the back of the net.  Shades of Gonchar coming through on that play.

Tough break for Matt Duchene the other night against the Flames when he injured his hand.  That shot didn't look pretty and he obviously left in what I can only imagine is excruciating pain.  On one hand (no pun intended) I was kind of looking forward to seeing him play, but on the other I don't think Pens fans are in much a position to pity another team's injuries at the moment.  Duchene's 47 points leads the Avalanche, but Wednesday's loss makes it nine in a row for Colorado.

As for the Pens, it's nice to see a win.  Since losing to the Caps on Feb. 6, the Pens have gone 2-4, with both wins coming in overtime.  Take em any way you can get em.

Blackhawks Sunday at 3:30.