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Mark Letestu Could Be Back This Weekend

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One of the unenviable positions for hockey fans is the realization that your favorite team will be without a player for X amount of games.  On a similar note, one of the most underrated feelings is the one when you start to see guys on their way back.  One guy's return often leads to the next, and before you know it you have a full, healthy team on the way to the playoffs.

Sure, that doesn't apply to a guy like Evgeni Malkin who is lost for the year, but at least Mark Letestu is likely back in the lineup this weekend.  According to the Trib-Review:

Rookie center Mark Letestu said his surgically repaired left knee has healed to the point that playing this weekend for the Penguins is not "out of the question."


"Next week," he said of the latest possible time frame for his return. "I don't doubt it. That's a modest goal."
Hopefully by weekend's end, the Pens can scratch another name off the injured list while hopefully not adding another.