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Solid 64 Minute and 56 Second Effort: Pens Lose 3-2 in Overtime

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Sharks Blog: Fear the Fin

If Tyler Kennedy can find a way to make a living in front of the crease like he did tonight, then there's no reason why this guy can't score 30 or more goals a year.  Unfortunately, that has hardly been the case throughout the season but it'd be nice if he or Dan Bylsma would consider it moving forward.

Kennedy's two goals kept the Pens alive in this one, especially the second one that came with 50 seconds remaining in the third period when Fleury was sent to the bench in favor of the extra attacker.  He was buzzing around the net all night long, as indicated by his four shots.

To add insult to injury, the Pens lost Brooks Orpik early in the first with an apparent hand injury.  He did not return, and we're once again left wondering how long, who will get the call up and what the hell kind of curse is hovering over the team this season.


With 1:02 left on the clock, Marc-Andre Fleury stole the show, saved the game and was THE reason why this thing went to a shootout when he stoned Patrick Marleau on a breakaway attempt.

Or so we thought it was going to a shootout.  With four seconds remaining on the clock in the heat of a San Jose barrage of shots, Marleau redeemed himself by burying the trash in front of Fleury to give the Sharks the extra point on the road.  It was a relatively penalty-free game for once (always nice to see) and both goalies were on top of their games.

New guy watch:

James Neal registered two shots and three hits but failed to show up on the score sheet.  I like what I see on the physical side of the game though, as he looks like the kind of guy who is hard to shrug off the puck.  Give it some time.

As for Matt Niskanen, he unleashed three shots and blocked another three in the defensive end but also had a relatively quiet game. 

At least they weren't in the penalty box when the other team scored a game-winning goal (coughgoligoskicough).

Friday.  Hurricanes.  7:00.

Jordan and Eric are brothers, by the way.