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Matt Cooke's Hit on Fedor Tyutin

After the jump, video of the controversial hit between Matt Cooke and Fedor Tyutin

To me, the most interesting part about this play-by-play is the change in tone of Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey from the start of the hit to the final replay before commercial break.  At first Cooke "just crushed him."  That led to "Well, he hit him pretty much from behind," which ultimately changed to "a call, if there is one, on Cooke." 

Unfortunately what you don't see on the video that you definitely saw (or can see again given the joys of DVR) is Errey trying to defend Cooke by saying Tyutin saw him coming and that he should have braced for the hit.  Complete with a "freeze it there!" moment in the replay as well.  It's a hard angle to take in this debate, especially following Cooke's questionable hit on Alex Ovechkin Sunday afternoon.

No matter how you look at it or say who should have done what, it doesn't change the fact that Cooke launched himself into Tyutin's back.  Bracing for the hit or not, I'd say he'd still wind up head first into the boards.  The only thing that may potentially protect Cooke is the fact that Tyutin popped right back up.