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Evgeni Malkin To Have Surgery, Expected Out for 6 Months

This is more or less a formal and official way of saying what we all pretty much assumed anyway.  Evgeni Malkin will go under the knife to repair a torn MCL and ACL and, in turn, will miss the remainder of the season.  According to the Post-Gazette, his rehab and recovery time may carry over a bit into next season as well:

Penguins All-Star center Evgeni Malkin will have surgery Thursday to repair two torn ligaments in his right knee and will be out until training camp in September, the team announced.

Although Malkin and doctors had been weighing treatment options since Malkin got hurt Friday night, surgery and a long recovery period remained the most likely course.

Malkin is expected to need six months to recover.

Not to bury the Matt Cooke story or anything, but this is obviously a pretty big deal.