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Sidney Crosby Skates (With Video and Comments)

From the Pens main site:

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was back on the ice for the first time since missing 29 games with a concussion.

Crosby skated on the ice for about 15 minutes in full gear early in the morning at CONSOL Energy Center. He stick handled around some cones and shot a few pucks. 


Everyone has been frustrated by the lack of progress and reports in Sidney Crosby's concussion (and probably no one more than Sid himself).  Various rumors have been floating around, none of them having much truth.

The fact is, with concussions, one never knows.  But that Crosby was able to get back on the ice has to be a tangible sign of his recovery.

Will he be back soon?  Who knows.  He took a little twirl on the ice today, it's not like Crosby's going to be back in the lineup tomorrow night or anything.

But, for now, let's be happy with what it is and not try to read too much or too little into it.  Sidney Crosby skated today, for the first time in a long while.  That's enough to give any hockey fan a little sunshine on this Monday.\

UPDATE: Check out the Pens site for a short video...And more to come as Crosby's expected to talk to the media at 11:00 AM.

UPDATE 2: From Sid himself:

“I may not feel great this afternoon and not be able to skate tomorrow,” Crosby said. “The only reason I was able to skate today is because I’ve had some good days here, done a little bit of exercise and got through that. That doesn’t mean there are any guarantees. It’s just a progression.

“I’ve been symptom free the last few days. That doesn’t mean that when I exert myself that I won’t have symptoms. That could always happen. That’s pretty normal when you have that. It’s a process and we’ll see how things go.”