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Mike Comrie, Matt Niskanen Skating for Pens

Mike Comrie.  Remember him?  Well he's back in practice skating around, according to the Penguins' Sam Kasan

Mike Comrie is on the ice with the regular practice team right now. It looks like he'll be practicing with his teammates for the first time since having hip surgery - another great sign on the injury front.

Matt Niskanen, who's missed the past few games with the flu, is also back on the ice for the Pens.  If I had to guess I'd say he'll be good to go for Sunday against the Rangers.

And part of me feels obligated to state this, but no.  No updates yet on Sidney Crosby.  I also wouldn't look too far into him not taking the ice yesterday, as it has already been stressed on a number of sites (and plenty more sites and papers on top of that) that yesterday was an off day for the entire team.

Update: I did say "yet," didn't I?  The Post-Gazette confirms Sid is on the ice and skating again before practice.