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VIDEO: Matt Cooke's Elbow to Ryan McDonagh's Jaw

As usual, I find it necessary to dedicate a special post to Matt Cooke's adventures because it often has a way of just taking over every single recap thread anyway. While I'm sure a number of comments in the recap will surround the subject anyway, a separate post should hopefully direct a majority of it to this one location.

So, with that said, how many games is he looking at for this one?  Let's also keep in mind that many will cite the fact that he is a "repeat offender," with not only previous incidents in his career to fall back on but also a number of questionable hits, connects and even a suspension this season to stand as evidence.

In addition to whatever ruling comes down from the league, I'm also looking forward to John Tortorella's comments.  I mean, if he said himself during the game that you can expect a certain kind of play from Max Talbot, then I'd love to see what he has to say about Cooke.