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Calling All 2011 Penguins GIFs

One of the staffers here at SBN Hockey is putting together a list of the top hockey gifs of the year (so far).  I know that a number of readers here not only employ the use of a gif here or there in the comments section, but also go as far as to create their own as well.

With that said, consider this a field day of sorts for your favorite Penguins gifs of the years, so far.  Here's to hoping the best one is on its way in June.

Toss them in the comments section and rec away on your favorites.  In a day or so I'll pass it along to the SBN Hockey guys and we'll see if we can get some Pensburgh gifs repped in the post.

Again, try and keep it only to Penguins gifs.  I believe a few other blogs will be constructing a similar post, so no sense in including other teams.

Unless of course it's just too good to pass up (hint: Ovie tripping over the blue line in the Winter Classic).

Have at it peeps.

Hint: Funny always wins.  Consider some 24/7 stuff if you have it.