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Brooks Orpik and Eric Tangradi Skate

More good news on the injury front for the Penguins as both Brooks Orpik and Eric Tangradi were back in practice today.  Both went down with injuries in February - Tangradi a concussion on Feb. 11 and Orpik a broken finger on Feb. 23 - so to see them both back on the ice in just about a month's time is encouraging for both.

In the same Post-Gazette article that delivers the good news, I also noticed a little note on Matt Cooke and how the team is currently handling his suspension:

Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said Cooke has been given a few days off to be away from the team "just to take a moment, clear his head and be away from the rink before he returns."


Neither Tangradi or Orpik will be in the lineup for the Pens on Thursday when they take on the Flyers, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we saw both back in the swing of things by the first week of April.  If I had to guess, Tangradi's concussion is likely being more closely monitored than Orpik, who likely has the better chance of the two at coming back sooner than later.