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Today is Marc-Andre Fleury's Favorite Day of the Year

Kudos to the Pensblog for remember it (almost slipped by me) but today is Marc-Andre Fleury day...From a post here two years ago:


Huge hat-tip to The Pensblog for pointing this out...

March 25th, 2009 -- Marc-Andre Fleury makes 31 saves en route to shutting out the Calgary Flames 2-0.

March 25th, 2008 -- Marc-Andre Fleury makes 31 saves en route to shutting out the New Jersey Devils 2-0.

March 25th, 2007 -- Marc-Andre Fleury makes 29 saves en route to shutting out the Boston Bruins 5-0.

Freaky?  Coincidental?  You be the judge, I just sure hope the NHL schedules the Penguins to play next March 25th.

Amazingly, for those three seasons (2006-07 through 08/09) Fleury recorded a total of 13 shutouts, in 159 starts.  For three of those to occur on the very same day of each the year has got to have the odds of a million to one.

Luckily for opponents, the Penguins did not play 3/25/10...Fleury gave up four goals to the Washington Capitals in an OT loss on the 24th, which shows the mojo obviously doesn't show up a little early.

But, check the calender, today is 3/25/11.  And as we saw below, a win for Pittsburgh (plus a loss for Carolina) officially clinches a playoff berth for the Pens.

Do it.