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Kris Letang on Matt Cooke: He Assured Us He's Going to Change

Our residential translator Becky is at it again, as she recently spotted a few quotes from Kris Letang in a Canoe article that centered on Matt Cooke's suspension.  No matter how many times Cooke's name keeps hitting headlines in the hockey community, or the opinion of broadcasters and pundits raid the airwaves, it's still always refreshing to see what his own teammates have to say about the incident.

After the jump, a few translated quotes from the above linked article.  Definitely gives a little more perspective on how Cooke handles himself off the ice, despite what others may say of his on-ice persona.

"He is an important player to our team, but he knew himself what was in store for him after the hit he made. We could see it in his face," explained Letang during a telephone interview with the program "Le Match" from LCN and TVA [French-language Canadian networks].

"Matt’s not a guy with bad intentions," confided the Penguins’ no. 58. "No one in the locker room has any problems with him.

"All the same, his penalty (a five-minute major) cost us the game. An important game against a division rival."

"Once at the hotel in Detroit, Matt apologized to everyone (his teammates) and assured us that he was going to change his style of play," continued Letang. "I think that the suspension he received will make him reflect. Matt has to face up to the consequences, it’s not up to the team to pay the price."