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Pens give Head Coach Dan Bylsma a 3 Year Contract Extension

Via the Pens twitter feed:

#PENS TWITTER EXCLUSIVE: Head Coach Dan Bylsma gets 3-yr contract extension. Follow us for details coming soon!


Bylsma has done one of his best jobs this season, keeping the Penguins towards the top of the standings despite dealing with dueling injuries to his three most important star forwards in Jordan Staal, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

If Bylsma can finish this contract, he would be the first coach in Pittsburgh Penguin history to consecutively start and finish four seasons in a row.

This past September, the Penguins gave Ray Shero a give year contract extension, so the continuity of having key players and now key front office personnel locked up for years to come seems to be in place.