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Video: Steve Downie's Hit on Ben Lovejoy, Chris Kunitz's Elbow on Simon Gagne

There's already some degree of suspension talks surrounding Game Three between the Penguins and Lightning, but at this point it's hard to say which of the two questionable hits will receive more attention: Steve Downie launching his body into Ben Lovejoy, or Chris Kunitz's elbow to the head of Simon Gagne.  After the jump, videos from each hit. 

Do you think both are worthy of a suspension?  One over the other?  If I had to guess, I'd say Kunitz's shot will gain a little more negative attention than Downie's hit, but not by much.  Lovejoy was quick to bounce up after the collision, mainly because the Penguins benefited from Downie staying deep in the zone on a goal mere seconds later.  As for Kunitz, his hit to the head comes on a guy who has a history of head injuries and, for all intents and purposes, was the victim of a cheap, blindsided hit to the helmet.