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Chris Kunitz, Steve Downie Receive One Game Suspensions

Per the ever-trustworthy Bob McKenzie, both Chris Kunitz and Steve Downie will receive one-game suspensions for the headshots they each delivered in Monday night's Game Three matchup. 

While we're at it, I'm still trying to figure this Tweet out, sent by McKenzie roughly three minutes after he passed along the Kunitz news.  Is he saying that Kunitz deserved it?  That the suspension was worthy?  Emoticons elicit so little when it comes to this.

Edit: As SuMac pointed out in the comments, and McKenzie later clarified in another tweet, he was simply fixing a spelling error.

But to hell with looking too far into it.  Fact is the Pens just lost another forward - a physical, "makes stuff happen" kind of forward - and will now be without Cooke and Kunitz due to suspension.  Of course, Cooke's suspension will remain active until the completion of this series, but in a series that is obviously going to be a physical battle the Pens could really use a guy like Kunitz on the ice, rather than in the owner's suite.

No question in my mind that this was a deserving suspension for Kunitz, and the same can be said of Downie.  But I'm not only shaking my head at the hit that went under investigation, but also the imperfect timing of it all.