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2010-11 Season Review: Arron Asham

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The offseason addition didn't have the sort of regular season we all would have wanted him to, but that sort of comes with the territory when a player has to deal with an early-season injury.  Despite only scoring five goals in 44 games between October and early April, Arron Asham scored three goals in the first four games of the postseason against the Lightning.  His season wasn't what you'd call ideal, but it's at least a hopeful sign of good things to come...if they want him back.

Player: Arron Asham
Role: Third/Fourth liner, bruiser
Contract Status: UFA

Unlike the reliable, even-keeled Craig Adams, for most of the season Pens fans were not entirely sure what they could come to expect from Asham.  As a member of the Flyers and Islanders, there's no question that he was a familiar-foe-turned-friendly, but just how he would mesh with the Pens remained in question.  As previously stated, Asham's regular season was nothing to write home about.  But, as also mentioned, he began the season injured.  This was easily one of the biggest factors in his lack of chemistry and contributions right out of the gate.

G A P +/- PIM
2010 (Regular Season) - Arron Asham 5 6 11 0 46

Rumor and media hype suggested Asham may have been in the proverbial "coach's doghouse" for the better part of the season.  Whatever the case may be, it didn't prohibit him from shutting up everyone in the postseason when he scored three goals in four games and finished the seven-game series with four points, a +2 and a disciplined two minutes in the box.

His future with the team remains uncertain but for the $700,000 price tag during last offseason, it was worth the small investment.

Your call now: Bring him back in 2011 or let him walk into free agency?