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Looking at stats: Total Goals For/Against per player

A random browsing of got me thinking about which Pens were on the ice in good moments and bad, in terms of goals going in.


Remember this is for all goals, which is why the core penalty killers show up at the bottom of the list.

--Interesting that Max Talbot gets 12:01 of even-strength ice-time, Craig Adams got 9:04, and yet Talbot was only on the ice for 4 more goals that the Pens score (25 to 29).  Can't bode well for his UFA status, can it?

--Want to see why guys like Mark Letestu, Chris Kunitz and Paul Martin quickly become favorites of coaches?  Look no further than this list- when they're on the ice the puck is going into the right net.

--Just another reminder of "what could have been" when looking at Crosby's numbers.  He was not only putting up points at ridiculous rates, but defensively despite drawing big minutes and tough assignments.

--Kris Letang was on the ice for a team high 113 goals. The Pens scored a total of 228 goals, which is almost 50% of the time Pittsburgh put the puck in the net, #58 was on the ice.  Last season, when the Pens had Alex Goligoski and Sergei Gonchar, Letang was only on the ice for 30% of the goals for.

--Ben Lovejoy really showed why he pulled away from Deryk Engelland in the battle for the 6th defensemen position in measures like this.

--Only 50 total goals went in the net when Chris Conner was on the ice for over 700 minutes.  That's a lot of grindin', not a lot of scorin'. (Compare that to Crosby seeing 111 red lights while on the ice in 900 minutes).

Any other thoughts come to mind or things stick out to you for reading this?