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Congrats to Mark Recchi

Not sure where everyone stands on the outcome of the Stanley Cup Finals, but I hope we can at least all agree that Mark Recchi is deserving of yet another championship.  After the Bruins defeated the Canucks 4-0 in Game 7, Zdeno Chara took the Cup from Gary Bettman, lifted/hugged/kissed in the way that we're all come to know over the years and handed it to none other than the 43-year-old Recchin Ball.  In an interview with NBC, Recchi admitted that this was officially the end of the line for him.  What better way to go out than to go out on top?

To be honest I was just hoping for a really good close to what has been a bizarre seven-game series, but this thing was over by the second period.  Still, it capped off a tremendous Bruins season and finally gave Tim Thomas the credit he deserves.

Kudos to Stanley Cup of Chowder for taking home the hardware, and a hearty pat on the  back for the readers and staff over at Nucks Misconduct.  We were all there a few years back when the Pens lost to Detroit before making a return visit to take them down the following year.  Never fun.