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Sidney Crosby Cleared For Off-Ice Workouts

From - Sidney Crosby has been re-evaluated in Pittsburgh and was cleared to his normal off-ice workouts for this time of year.

"I met with Sid Wednesday before he left for home and talked to Dr. Collins," Shero said. "(Crosby) will resume his workouts and get back into his program in Cole Harbor."

Collins is the UPMC specialist who has been monitoring Crosby's condition since he suffered a concussion in January.

Crosby, who spent the past three weeks on vacation, will not start on-ice workouts until late July or early August, which is his normal offseason workout schedule.

"Everything will be closely managed by Dr. Collins in terms of his progression leading up to him getting on the ice later in the summer per his usual routine," Shero said.

It remains to be seen how Crosby will progress - Shero has indicated that doctors expect a complete recovery from concussion symptoms- but the fact that his off-season training, to this point, will begin as normal is a positive sign.

There probably won't be too much more Crosby news in the immediate future, hopefully the next nugget that pops out is in about two months when we'll hear when he returns back to the ice, hopefully to gear up for training camp and the 2011-12 NHL season.