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Report: Jaromir Jagr Decision Coming Soon

Bongarts/Getty Images

For good or bad (depending on where you stand on the whole Jaromir Jagr thing), agent Petr Svoboda suggests we should know about Jagr's future within the next few days, according to Dave Molinari's reported in the Post-Gazette:

[Svoboda] said that Jagr still hasn't received a contract offer from the Penguins, but that "there is interest from both sides" and added that, "If you call me tomorrow, there will be much more happening."


I doubt it really has anything to do with it, but I can't help thinking in just the slightest bit that Ray Shero's disinterest in making a qualifying offer to Tyler Kennedy has something to do with this.  Mind you this is pure speculation on my part.  We've already read a few times now that there is allegedly some sort of split in the Penguins' front office with regards to bringing back Double-J.  But if Jagr is looking for something in the two to three million range and Shero decided Kennedy wasn't worth the gamble, does he feel the same way about the former Pen?

Look on the bright side at least: whether you're dying for an answer or begging for all of this Jagr talk to cease, at least we'll have an answer soon.