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Jagr Watch: Decision Day For Jaromir Jagr


Today's open thread for what could be a crazy one-

Jaromir Jagr is in flight to the United States.  His plane from the Czech Republic is expected to land around 3:00 eastern this afternoon, most expect his decision on where he will be playing this season to be known by about 4:30 PM.

The Pens offer for Jagr is for one year and believed to be in the range of $2 million (maybe a little north of that).  The Detroit Red Wings seem to be the other team in the sweepstakes, offering a one-year contract believed to be of similar money.

In other news, the Penguins I believe have allowed the Toronto Maple Leafs to talk to Maxime Talbot about a contract.  Word is, if Talbot signs with Toronto, Pittsburgh will receive a 5th round draft pick.  But word on the street is that Talbot turned down a four-year. $1.7 million per year contract.  I don't believe the Pens have officially traded Talbot's rights as of yet.  So stay tuned there.

Yes, as of Friday, we could be living in a world where Max Talbot makes more per year to play hockey than Jaromir Jagr does.  Crazy times, these.

Frank Update: I was driving into work this morning and developed a flawless, systematic formula that proves Jaromir Jagr will sign with the Penguins.  If Jagr signs with the Pens (or any team for that matter - but let's remain optimistic) it will be his 19th NHL season.  I'm applying the laws of numerology to this equation and saying he signs with the Penguins today.

Crosby's 87 - Jagr's 68 = 19

Malkin's 71 + 19 = 90 (Jagr's Rookie Year)

Maybe I'm drinking the Kool Aid, but I don't care.