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Jagr Agent: No Update Tonight

Bongarts/Getty Images

Our friends at The Pensblog were tracking Jagr Watch and hosted a ustream show of tonight's events. Somehow they came across Jagr agent Petr Svoboda's cell phone number and attempted to call him a few times. To no response.

But at about 9:30 that changed when stunningly, live on the internet, Svoboda was wondering who was calling.

Seemingly unknown to the Pensblog boys, Svoboda had been traveling for much of the day to Montreal and was tired. And cranky. Svoboda broke the news that no decision about Jaromir Jagr's future would be announced tonight and then chided them to "show some respect". When asked to identify themselves, the bloggers announced they were a well-known columnist of a Pittsburgh newspaper.

Jagr was said to have landed on a plane from the Czech Republic to JFK Airport in New York City sometime this afternoon. But there were several travel delays, including a bizarre situation where turtles overtook runways on the airport. Jagr's current location and status remains unknown at the present time.

What impact, if any, will this have? We'll see. The Pens were expecting to hear Jagr's answer today, but obviously cross-continent travel threw a monkey wrench in everyone's plans. It's highly doubtful a blog's actions would change any course of direction. In a nerdier aspect, the bigger impact could be how mainstream media, the league and the Penguins themselves treat bloggers as a whole for the conduct taken tonight, if this impromtpu interview with Svoboda makes waves in the media world.

More of this will doubtlessly come out soon, but for now in the grand scheme of things, it surprsingly looks like we will not know where Jagr will play next year today. What that may mean for the future remains unclear.

What was supposed to be a day of answers has ended in cloudiness that no one could have expected.