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The Ball's In Jaromir Jagr's Court

Bongarts/Getty Images

Forgive the basketball metaphor but I figured "the puck's in his rink" still needs to pick up some more steam before it becomes commonplace.

According to the latest, ongoing, cyclical and never-ending reports surrounding Jaromir Jagr, general manager Ray Shero has not retracted his one-year, $2 million offer to the former Pen. It's now up to Jagr - but perhaps more notably Jagr's agent Petr Svoboda - to make the final decision.

From Rob Rossi's Chipped Ice blog:

Shero said Jagr’s agent, Petr Svoboda, told him the Penguins "are very much in the mix." Svoboda expected to speak with Jagr tonight, Shero said.

"He doesn’t want to force him into a decision," Shero said of Svoboda.

Shero said the Penguins’ offer to Jagr remains "on the table," and that not hearing from Jagr tonight would not alter his hope of signing Jagr when the NHL free-agent period opens tomorrow.

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At this point you've likely read so many different reports (and rumors masked as reports) that it's hard to tell what's exactly going on here. In reality, from the very time when Shero made his offer to Jagr, nothing has changed with regards to the Pens. Other than waiting, waiting and...waiting.

If Svoboda is chatting with Jagr tonight then perhaps we'll hear something then. In actuality, we probably won't know anything until the news drops - for good or bad - tomorrow when free agency officially opens up.