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Amidst Jaromir Jagr Talks, Let's Not Forget Tyler Kennedy Today

I don't need to remind everyone what the biggest storyline is heading into today.  But while that plays out in its own Hollywood fashion, let's not overlook the possibility that instead of a former Pen returning to Pittsburgh, we may see a current Pen test the market at noon today.

It may appear as if Ray Shero and the Penguins front office started out by playing a game of hardball with Tyler Kennedy.  Earlier this week we learned that Shero and company did not extend a qualifying offer Kennedy's way, thus making him a viable option on the free agent market.  Now, as the noon deadline edges closer, it appears as if the two sides are starting to get a bit closer to a deal that could keep TK in Pittsburgh.

According to the Post-Gazette, Kennedy remains a priority for Shero:

"We've made the offer [to Jagr]," Shero said. "My priority is Tyler Kennedy. The [Jagr] offer is there, but right now, I'm spending time on Tyler Kennedy."


It makes sense to stay focused on a guy who is already (well, until noon at least) a Penguin, as opposed to chasing down a former Pen and playing the waiting game with Jagr. 

Maybe the news has been buried over the last few days with all of this Jagr stuff, but I haven't read much with regards to teams in the market for Kennedy.  I initially suggested Minnesota, Buffalo or even the Islanders as potential players, but that is based off my speculation and no reported offers, talks, etc. 

Yet another story to follow through free agency.

Update: Pens sign Kennedy to two-year, $2 mill deal

Another must-read from earlier this week: SBN Pittsburgh's, "How Much is Tyler Kennedy Worth?"