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Max Talbot Signs 5 Year Deal With Philadelphia Flyers

Well, it sort of makes sense.  Other than the two goals in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, Max Talbot's defining moments always came against Philadelphia.

And for the tune of five years and $1.8 million a season, Talbot has joined the Philadelphia Flyers.

Have you stopped laughing hard enough yet to continue?  Yes, the Flyers did somehow think it was a good idea to give Talbot that much money.

A stunning day with Jaromir Jagr joining the Flyers and then Talbot jumping across the state too.  It's hard to fault Talbot, this is just a business decision and no way he would have received close to that amount of money or years from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Philadelphia has never been afraid to be active, and today is no different.  The Flyers have made major changes and we'll see if it'll be enough to get them over the top.  One thing is for sure, anyone worried that the loss of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards might have dulled the Pens/Flyers rivalry sure doesn't have to wonder that any longer.