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Some NHL Headlines for a Boring Summer Day

This summer has been painfully boring. While there isn't much going on necessarily on the Penguins front, I figured for the sake of my own boredom (and likely yours as well) we could chat about a few stories making their way around the NHL.

First, a few SBN Hockey hits:

  • If you haven't seen it by now, the Winnipeg Jets unveiled a new logo. Personally I was a fan of them coming back with the old one, but I guess someone in a closed room somewhere north of the border had other ideas.
  • The New York Islanders have a bit of Jagr-like drama of their own with Alexei Yashin allegedly in talks with GM Garth Snow about coming back to the team. Why not? He's been collecting on them for a while now and will continue to do so until 2014-15.  While his return would still count against the cap, at least they'd be getting something in return.
  • Chris Osgood's hanging them up after 17 seasons and three Stanley Cups. Travis Hughes suggests Osgood was just as good as his peers but not Hall of Fame worthy. As good a debate as we'll find during the summer. Me? I'm just a fan of the pic in the article.

Courtesy of PuckDaddy:

  • Loving all this Mike Richards and Jeff Carter "Dry Island" talk. If you're not in the loop, here's the gist: apparantly not too long ago the Flyers asked players to write their numbers on a dry erase board in the locker room as sort of a vow that they wouldn't drink for a month. Allegedly, Richards' and Carter's numbers were not on the board. [ Full TSN story ]
  • Ryan Callahan is back with the Rangers. He has seven goals and five assists in 24 games against the Penguins. Not the most threatening of characters, but that ties New Jersey for third place as the team Callahan put up his best numbers against.

And finally, from Scott Burnside at ESPN: