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Despite recent buzz; Not much new news regarding Sidney Crosby

The internet is abuzz with Sidney Crosby rumors, and any time anything creeps up, you just know it's going to draw attention from Puck Daddy, Pro Hockey Talk, and all the like.  Let alone by the time you get twitter involved with instant fan reactions.

In case you haven't kept up, the latest was sparked by Josh Rimer this weekend-

"Hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won't b ready 2 start season. I hope it's not true because the NHL needs its best players!"

To be fair, Rimer is connected and doesn't have much reason as a respected journalist to make this information up.  It should be believed that he was told this.

How much stock should be put into his sources is another matter.  There's nothing but speculation about Crosby and his status. 

What we universally know is as follows:
-After a brief vacation, Crosby was cleared to workout in May by his doctor in Pittsburgh.  He's been in Halifax doing his normal summer workouts since then.
-Around mid-July Crosby took back to the ice, as is his usual custom.
-Crosby has not been cleared for contact, and has not been since January.
-Doctor's will re-assess him in a few weeks when he gets back to town and before training camp to see where he is.

Other than that, it's unknown.  Ray Shero has spoken on the matter, and Dan Bylsma is expected to get his comments in today too.

"There are going to be some symptoms with this injury, but nothing where he's had to shut it down or anything," Shero said, noting that he was in contact with Crosby over the weekend. "He's pushed himself, which is good."

A normal, standard response.  As general manager, Shero's words must be weighed (and received) carefully.  He made comment about having "symptoms", but again, caution should be exercised, because purposely no detail was given.  Anyone who's lifted weights can tell you that it's quite common to become dizzy, light-headed or have a headache during a workout.  Now imagine that workout is a high tempo, world class one.  Is that the extent of it?  What can outside observers tell?

No one knows.

And that's the biggest thing, it's all speculation.  It's widely been that way for eight months now.  It's frustrating and scary, but as we've come to learn too well that's just the nature of concussions and head trauma.

There's really nothing to see, report or know until Crosby does or does not get clearance for contact in September.  If he does, he'll have shown enough progression to consider as a possibility for opening night.  Until that point, any reporting (especially when it doesn't come directly from Crosby, his agent or someone with the Penguins) has to be filed away like the speculation it is.