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Download the New Pensburgh and SB Nation iPhone App

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Pensburgh_mediumLet me get this out there right away: as of right now the new Pensburgh and SBN iPhone app is only available on the iPhone. The Android version is in the works and will be available soon. If you have an iPod touch though you will be able to play with the new SBN toy.

With that said, I insist you check out the new SBN app. All the bells and whistles with zero hassle:

  • Browse over 300 blogs while commuting: (Note: Not while you are the driver) You know, I discovered my train has free wireless the other day. I probably should've realized this years ago, but I'm normally too busy falling asleep with my face matted against the window, debating whether or not to check the pulse of the 60-year-old woman passed out next to me with her mouth agape or I'm just buried in a good book. More often than not I'm sleeping with my headphones in, scaring myself awake to the intro to Led Zeppelin's Rock n Roll or some sort of various 80s metal song while on the cusp of sleep. Now I can stay awake for the entire commute. Or at least until I hit the third stop.
  • Browse over 300 blogs from work: Because there's no way that micromanaging boss can look over your shoulder and tell you to not look at your phone. And if he does, just tell him about the new SBN iPhone app. He'll understand. Then when he downloads it and starts reading from work, report him to his boss.
  • Browse over 300 blogs in class: Take it from me and every other working stiff - you learn more outside the classroom than you do inside the classroom. So why not break that theory by learning about the latest Penguins news inside the classroom? I know if I'm the teacher and I see you browsing Pensburgh on your iPhone, I'm going to ask you the share with the class. Of course the only class I'm likely to teach at any point in my life is Public Speaking, so I might even make you do a 15-minute presentation on it. I get to doze off in the back of the room while you present. Win-win for me. (Note the trending reference to sleep - I'm tired today, if you couldn't tell.)
  • Browse over 300 blogs from home: Even though my computer is approximately five feet from my couch, sometimes it's just too much work to get allll the way up and walk allll five feet to get the computer. Then what do I have to do? I have to get it, turn around and walk allll the way back to the couch! What a waste of 10 steps. There has to be a more efficient way. Now, with the new SBN iPhone app, I don't have to burn any calories when I want to see what Hooks is posting while I'm watching reruns of Pawn Stars.
  • Browse over 300 blogs through a hurricane: That's what I'm going to do this weekend. Especially since the eye of this hurricane is currently on track to land right on my county. Board up windows? Run for cover? Not today Mother Nature. I have blogs to read.

A little FAQ bit after the jump:

Is it free?

Yes, but I'm sure in lieu of any form of payment SBN would be happy to hear your feedback on it.

How do I get it?

Go to the app store and search for SB Nation or go here and click "download."

When is the Android version going to be available?

Soon, most likely before the end of the year.

Is this app specific to Pensburgh only?

No, it's not specific to Pensburgh but you can make Pensburgh your "home" site. You now have the liberty to browse through all of SBN's 300+ blogs and comment through the app as well with your existing Pensburgh/SBN username. Here's a video demo of how it all works.

Do Fanposts show up on the app?

Yes, fanposts that are added to the front page/main news stream of will make it to the story stream on the app, as you can see in the attached screen grab and AronV's story.

So that means I should probably really consider posting a solid fanpost soon huh?

Yeah, I'd say so...

If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to ask and share.