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Pitch a tent, it's time for camp

The mothership with a comprehensive training camp preview. []

The Pens are Jordan Staal's team. Sure. [Trib]

The Pens are Evgeni Malkin's team. Buying this one a little more. [PG]

The Pens are really Sidney Crosby's team. But, his status still remains unclear, at best. [PG- Plus]

The first two practices are tomorrow and Sunday. And they're open to the public for free at Consol. If you go, report back with a fanpost and we'll make you famous. [PG]

Tall task for Simon Despres to stick on the NHL roster. [Trib]

The NHL Network will pre-empt their 23rd replay of the Chicago/Vancouver series to show live Penguins hockey next week. [Pensblog]

Former Penguin Petr Sykora is back in America, trying out for the New Jersey Devils roster. Best of luck to him.[Fire & Ice blog]