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Dr. Collins: "I'm optimistic Sid will have a very long, fruitful career"

There you have it.

Sidney Crosby retirement rumors have come to an end, coming from both the mouths of Crosby and his doctors Michael Collins and Ted Carrick.

And according to Crosby, he feels he's more likely to play this season than not play this season.

After news of the Yak-42 plane crash that carried the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team, this was news we needed to hear. Only we are fortunate enough to have our team maybe not 100-percent healthy, but very much alive.

Today is a reminder that despite the stress Pittsburgh Penguins fans have gone through this season, Crosby's injury, Malkin's injury, Cooke's suspension, Talbot/Jagr fiasco, we have a lot to be thankful for and it can start with our captain being alive and well. I think we take advantage of the worst case scenarios Crosby could have faced by lacing up the skates when his brain had already faced so much trauma.

I think I speak for everyone when I say it was good seeing Crosby, even if he wasn't giving us the news we were all secretly hoping for. But as he sharply pointed out, nothing about him being captain changes simply because he might be unable to take the ice.

There were days I didn't feel well but came to the rink to be supportive. That's part of being a captain.

Anyone who thought he was going to retire, to go away so quickly, is a joke and this statement confirms it. Crosby has always been there for his team and he isn't going to take any short cuts around his duties as captain. His dedication is proof that he won't let this concussion beat him.

Sidney Crosby is here to stay and the upcoming wait for him to be at 100-percent will be worth it because, as we all know, Crosby is worth it.

Keep the faith.

Go Pens.