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A Power Shift at Pensburgh

I'm not often one for the self-serving sort of posts, but after four years of day-to-day blogging and a number of readers I've managed to call friends over the years I figured it was only right to at least provide a bit of an update.

Starting this week I will be handing over the reigns of this blog to our good friend Hooks Orpik and one of my newer friends Stephen Catanese. You undoubtedly know Hooks by now so you can continue to expect the same great product you've been accustomed to over the years. As for Stevie Boy, if you had a chance to read the Maple Street Press Penguins Annual or SBN Pittsburgh then you know you're in for the same. If not then you just have to trust me.

What started as an experiment of sorts to keep myself writing out of college turned into so much more. Long story short, this site helped me land a job in the media world. Looking back I never thought it would work but it was the hopeful goal all along. When the local media market I live in (NY/NJ) proved to be a difficult one to break into (I mean, that was a given from the get go, right?) and I failed to find entry-level writing jobs, I did the next best thing and simply created my own.I love to write; always have and, Tebow willing, always will. After 2,240 posts and 21,797 comments, I tend to think that will be the case.

The community that built up around the site over the past four years was totally unpredictable. I still have trouble comprehending that anyone in their right mind would be interested in anything I have to write, no matter the size of the outlet. But managing the site, chatting with a number of you in game threads and even hanging out at bars/games has been awesome. That part hopefully won't change, although I am taking on a lesser role here on the site.

With that said, I will still be hanging around Pensburgh but to a lesser degree. It's sort of a Catch-22 in a way. I created this site with the hopes of landing a job writing/editing and now that same job and the responsibilities I've gained over the years is a reason for my semi-departure. I never wanted to be the sort of blogger who sputtered out or even burned out for that matter, but priorities are what priorities are.

So thanks for reading; for the comments, for the fanshots and fanposts, Tweets and Facebook likes. Thanks for telling your friends about the site when it first started out and thanks for sticking around (or coming back every so often). Thanks to PensFan024 who was literally my very first reader back when I was on blogspot and, along with Paul G and JDunman, who was the first to contribute a fanpost to this site, and Stros Bros, the first to comment.

If one thing kills me it's reading back on old posts and admitting to myself I was really that bad. The hope is I don't feel the same way four years from now when looking at a post like this. Odds are I'll always feel that way, which I suppose is only natural for anyone who writer on a fairly regular basis.

This has already gone on 500 words too many - so here's my parting gift: the first ever post on

Thanks again.