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Sidney Crosby skating, still has symptoms, doesn't want to be distraction, happy to be around the guys

It's been a wild ride for the Pittsburgh Penguins and captain Sidney Crosby. If you believe the reports, there's a restlessness in the locker-room from his teammates who don't understand why he can't play. General Manager Ray Shero spoke yesterday and said that Crosby is not cleared to play due to concussion type symptoms that have been plaguing Crosby again since about December 5th.

Crosby was able to skate today at practice with his teammates and spoke to the media for the first time in a while. Some of the notes and qutoes from the 8 minutes Crosby talked-

  • "Felt pretty good" to get back on the ice, Crosby said.
  • "Symptoms are a lot better but I wouldn't say symptom free. I'm allowed to lightly exert, that's positive. When you're sitting around for a bit, it's nice symptoms have been better, it's nice to get that step on the ice. We'll see how it goes."
  • "Motion stuff has kind of been the issue from the time before and now going through it....I was able to improve it in Atlanta in August." Would do those treatments again, if need be, but worried more about symptoms.
  • "It's different" on whether this last month has been more frustrating or tougher than last year. "This is a tough injury, it's not clear-cut all the time. I think I know a lot more know about what I'm feeling and how to improve it. I think being familiar actually probably helps a bit. At the same time it's tough to be out and come back."
  • It was "nice gesture" for everyone to where the C today "when things are tough..with all the injuries and adversity." "Good to see everyone sticking together."
  • Hopes that he can support his teammates and hopes that being around them shows he's closer and closer to returning.
  • "Tough to even answer" about a rift in the locker room "because it's so far-fetched. I would say to that, I'm not surprised it's when we've lost five or six in a row...Let's be honest, the Steelers are out, the Penguins are what there is to talk about."

All in all, as you'd expect from a Crosby news conference, not much earth shattering information. Biggest news really that Crosby is still experiencing some symptoms, but obviously has been able to get back on the ice. We'll see how long it takes for his symptoms to totally subside and when he's able to take the next step in recovery.