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Sidney Crosby and friends: World Tour?

Sidney Crosby's agents may be setting his clients up on a world tour for some exhibition games to pass the time (and make a buck or two) during the NHL lockout this winter.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

From Liz Mullen at SBJ and Sporting News:

NHL player agent Pat Brisson, who organized a tour of locked-out NHL players in 2004, may do the same this year if the NHL lockout extends another month.

"We did it last time," said Brisson, co-head of CAA Sports’ hockey division, which represents 62 NHL players, including a number of star players like Sidney Crosby. Brisson said he would seriously "explore" organizing a world tour that would include CAA clients, as well as possibly clients of other agencies, if there is no deal by early November

Brisson was the main organizer of the IMG World Stars Tour in which 25 to 30 players played 10 games in several European cities over two weeks in December 2004 during the previous NHL lockout. He believes there could be fan interest if they choose to revisit the idea.

Welp, that's one way to spend a winter, I suppose.

In other news, the NHL and PA will meet tomorrow for more talks, with not much hope that either side will be moving off their current positions. More games could be cancelled in the NHL this week.