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Pens leaders at core of effort to salvage NHL season

Owners Ron Burkle and Mario Lemieux are trying to work with Sidney Crosby and the players to find common ground to end the NHL lockout.

Sid's negotiating cap
Sid's negotiating cap
Bruce Bennett

A lot can be debated on how, why and just whom should get credit, but one thing is clear: yesterday the NHL and their players association finally had a good day of talks and made some progress in finding common ground for a bargaining agreement.

At the core, Penguins owners Ron Burkle and Mario Lemieux have been working extensively with the group of players, including Sidney Crosby and Craig Adams in talks in New York that will continue today.

Jaded fans will not be happy at the media attention the Penguins contingent has been getting, and to be sure this could have/should have been done months ago, but the Penguins most visible entities are pushing for resolution to salvage a season more than any other club.

Now we see where it will lead. Both sides have been tight lipped on specifics, which is a good thing at this fragile point of the talks. Hard-liners on both sides probably still need to be appeased and realize that it’s in their best interests to bring this impasse to a conclusion at its soonest.

A link roundup of what’s been going down:

Comprehensive recap and catch-up of the situation's developments yesterday from [Puck Daddy] Crosby and Burkle flew into New York together yesterday. That’s pretty interesting to show the dynamic that's in the room. [Trib-Live]

The PG points out both sides will talk again this morning, ahead of the NHL’s board of governor’s meeting at 11 AM eastern. [Post-Gazette]

Gary Bettman will be addressing the media after the BOG meeting. Wonder if anyone will use twitter to discuss this? [TSN]

Nick Kypreos says the pressure is on with both sides seeking a 60 game season to start making more proposals soon. [Twitter]