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Five dog breeds the Penguins should look into adopting, and one they should avoid, before the NHL trade deadline

5). Airedale Terrier


Fiercely loyal to a fault, Airedale Terriers are strong, working class dogs bred by working class people. They "bring their lunch pail" to work and do a "yeoman-like" job. They would forecheck with extreme prejudice and grind you-know-what down.

Give Arron Asham some additional time on IR to recuperate, and just let an Airedale enforce the ice.

4). Jack Russell Terrier


Undersized, sure. But sprightly, agile and possess enough energy to log quality minutes well into overtime. Sort of like Chris Conner.

3). Trevor Gillies


Oh, wait. He's a real person? With human wants, needs and emotions? Not some dude they let out of a cage and say "Sick'em boy!" whenever necessary?

Whoops. My bad.

2). Cairn Terrier


That's actually my dog. He'd look good in black and Vegas gold... and bringing home the NHL minimum salary (YOU'RE 15 YEARS OLD, GET A JOB). Cairns also dogged in their pursuit of food. Imagine applying that will towards the quest for a Stanley Cup, instead of a quest for stray popcorn kernels.

1). Pit Bull


Hated. Maligned. Misunderstood. Pit bulls are genetically bred to be physical marvels, and naturally possess the temperament to be wonderful companions.

It's just that the ones you see on TV were painstakingly trained to hurt people.

Imagine training a pit bull to get to its game on a nightly basis. It would. And you could probably call it PITT bull. CITY OF CHAMPIONS.

They're in shelters everywhere. Tons of them. Most of them are probably really cool tool. Go adopt one. Now. Here's where you can get started.

One to avoid?