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3/28 Penguins Power Rankings

This guy might be a keeper.
This guy might be a keeper.

Stolen from Japers' Rink because Hooks told me that I need to start earning my keep around here and he's right. Please keep in mind that all these media outlets publish their rankings on different days of the week (and Hockey Prospectus is only once a month). Also keep in mind that this ultimately means next to nothing next to actual playoff seeding and Stanley Cup victories.

Website Last Week This Week Comment
CBC 1 1 Do you have to ask after that dominating performance at home versus the Jets?
CBS 1 1 The only game the Penguins have lost in regulation over the past month was Saturday night's 8-4 loss in Ottawa ... which came with a third-string goalie making his fourth NHL start (and first road start) that gave up all eight goals. They followed that up with a 5-2 win over the Devils on Sunday, and improved their record over the past 33 games to 26-5-2.
ESPN 1 1 Make it 14 wins in 16 games. No other NHL team is playing this kind of hockey, and the Penguins are doing it by filling the net at an NHL-best 3.25 goals per game. During this 16-game stretch, the Penguins have scored 67 goals (not counting shootouts) for an average of 4.2 goals per game. Gulp. The '80s Oilers just called; they want their team back.
FOX 1 1 In the six games since their returns, Sidney Crosby has 11 points and a plus-eight rating, and Kris Letang has five points and a plus-nine rating. They’ll open the week with a home-and-home series against the Islanders, so this would probably be a good time to keep Crosby active in all fantasy formats.
The Hockey News 1 1 Blowout loss to Ottawa Saturday was an aberration; Pens turning into many people's pre-playoff Stanley Cup favorite.
NHL 1 1 Marc-Andre Fleury has one regulation loss since Feb. 15 and two regulation losses since Jan. 11. During that stretch, he is 22-2-2 and has allowed two goals or fewer 17 times.
Sports Illustrated 1 1 It's only a matter of time before they overtake the Rangers and win the Eastern Conference. At least that's my prediction. Evgeni Malkin had another ridiculous week, chalking up one more first star honor from the NHL. And Sidney Crosby has been downright unbelievable for a guy who missed so much time. One of the few who compares to what he's done (25 points in 15 games) is Peter Forsberg, who missed all of the 2001-02 regular season with ankle problems, then led the playoffs in scoring despite playing only three rounds (27 points in 20 games).
TSN 1 1 Thumped in Ottawa Saturday night for their only regulation loss in the last 16 games, losing 8-4 with rookie Brad Thiessen between the pipes. It was the fifth time all season that the Penguins have lost by three or more goals, while each of their last six wins have been by three-goal margins.
Hockey Prospectus 5
Next to the Red Wings, the Penguins have the biggest GVT contribution from their skaters (40.8). And this is without Sidney Crosby. They're flying a bit under the radar as well.

Aggregate rating last week: 1.33. This week: 1.33, running the table two weeks in a row but for the monthly ranking of Hockey Prospectus...