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Adrian Dater is whiny and butthurt about Penguin fans invading Denver arena

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If you watched last night's Penguins vs. Colorado Avalanche game, it would have been hard not to notice the contingent of PIttsburgh supporters. They were a loud, jersey clad bunch that frankly had a lot to cheer about in a 5-1 runaway win. Adrian Dater, columnist of the Denver Post, also took note. And he wasn't pleased.

First off, I never knew there were so many people from Pittsburgh who lived in Denver.

Mr. Dater's about to learn a lot if he didn't know migration habits in the past 150 years has been from rust-belt and northeastern states out to the west.

Wow, for all the love they showed their Penguins tonight, you’d think they would never have left their beloved city in the first place. But there they where in their Stub-Hubbed glory tonight, sitting in the lower bowls of the Pepsi Center, cheering nonstop for the Penguins in their romp over the suddenly awful Avs again.

Wow, who knew people chose where to locate their lives and family not directly related to the location and proximity of their favorite sports franchise? If you happened to be a Penguin fan who lived anywhere near Denver, why in the world would you pay money to see them in town the only time all year that they're going to be there?

(And also, I think it says more about the Avalanche fan base to set up so many tickets on Stubhub on a Saturday night game when their team is two points out of the playoffs and gearing up to make a playoff push. But hey.)

(One thing I’ll never ever do again: wear jerseys of my Boston teams in a foreign arena. Not because I would be afraid of being told off, but because I’ve finally come to realize after nights like tonight: that you look foolish. You look dorkish jumping up and down for a team whose city you don’t live in anymore, high-fiving all your phony new friends in similar jerseys around you. I think I finally agree with those who say: If you love your city and team so much, why do so many hundreds of you live in Denver or wherever? I think it’s kind of a big, sad overcompensating plea for attention, and I used to fall into that group too;

The best part of this sample is that at the beginning and the end DATER ACTUALLY ADMITS HE'S THE SAME PERSON HE IS BITCHING ABOUT! How dare you cheer for the away team in a far-away city, Penguin fan in Denver....Says the Red Sox fan living and working in Denver! You guys are totally lame and dorkish for doing the exact same thing I used to do because you do it for a different team!

you want so much for people to think "Hey, I’m from PITTSBURGH (or Detroit, or Boston or New York or wherever), that I’m going to act like every goal we score just won us the Stanley Cup and I’m going to lord it over you poor saplings from Denver – even though we live in your city now."

Breaking: Hockey fans who pay money to go to the arena are often happy when their team scores a goal.

Exception to the rule: Fans not as happy when they're losing 4-0 in the third period and one of their players scores ala Matt Hunwick getting the Avs on the board last night.

I finally realize now how annoying Red Sox fans are.)


/Kissing Suzy Kolber'd

Anyway, the Avs were totally smoked by the Penguins.

Which, perhaps, seems like the root of Dater's problem all along.