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Game One collapse to force Pens to look in the mirror

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It's easy and simple to say, and still stings now the next day. The Pittsburgh Penguins were up 3-0 on the Philadelphia Flyers after one period, and up still 3-1 after two periods. Victory was in their grasp.

And they threw it right to the ground.

No doubt, the opportunistic Flyers had a lot to do with it. Despite being down in a loud house, the Flyers kept chipping away and the pressure on. And it paid off when Jakub Voracek saw the puck go by Kris Letang and beat Jordan Staal to it, it was over. But it's unfair just to single out Letang and Staal, because the whole team had been hanging Marc-Andre Fleury out to dry since the second period began.

Now the big question- what's next?

Luckily for the Pens, a seven game series is a marathon, not a sprint. And while there will be bridge jumpers and gloating Philly fans today, there's the time for adjustments. To re-focus.

And in many ways, Game 2 might be one of the most important and toughest challenges of the season. Philadelphia's definitely playing with house money; they came into Pittsburgh and took the first game. They've won a ton in Pittsburgh lately and they have the confidence to know that no matter how far they're behind, they're still in the game. And if the Pens haven't realized by now they need a 60 minute, complete game effort, then the road is going to get really tough, really quickly.