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Game 3 Recap: Pens get thumped 8-4 in Philly, end not far now

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As if three of the worst games imaginable weren't enough, the Pittsburgh Penguins entered full and complete meltdown mode on Sunday.

Fights, late hits to the head, after the whistle nonsense? Check, check and check.

The frustration from players to coaches to fans is at full throttle. Doesn't seem like the end is far off now, for a complete and total disappoinment of a post-season after a pretty impressive regular season. Still, a playoff series is a race to 4 wins, and while the Pens haven't done much at all to compete yet, they have two days to settle, regroup, re-focus and pull some kind of better effort out for pride's sake on Wednesday night. If you're a Pens fan, it's tough times. The team's efforts have been shameful from top to bottom. But yet, it's not over. We've seen what this team is made of so far, but everyday until you're done is a new chance. And, though they don't deserve it, the Pens still have the chance. Or they'll lay down and die. We'll see on Wednesday what it is.