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4/4 Penguins Power Rankings

Familiar sight recently.
Familiar sight recently.

Stolen from Japers' Rink because Hooks told me that I need to start earning my keep around here and he's right. Please keep in mind that all these media outlets publish their rankings on different days of the week (and Hockey Prospectus is only once a month). Also keep in mind that this ultimately means next to nothing next to actual playoff seeding and Stanley Cup victories.

Website Last Week This Week Comment
CBC 1 2 They're dealing with another injury to defenceman Kris Letang, and were surprised at home by the New York Islanders this week.
CBS 1 8 Suddenly, the team that looked unbeatable for a while looks ... very beatable. It's easy to overlook mistakes or sloppy play when you're beating teams 8-4 and 5-1 but there seems to be a few bad habits that developed out there that need to be broken before the playoffs start.
ESPN 1 4 A bit of the bloom is off the rose for the high-flying Penguins as they've lost three of four, including the blown lead at home Sunday and losses in a home-and-home affair with the New York Islanders earlier in the week. Does it mean anything? We'll tell you in about 10 days.
FOX 1 6 In a dogfight for home-ice advantage, the Penguins will travel to Boston and host the Rangers before a home game against Philly on Saturday that may determine the 4/5 seeds. Marc-Andre Fleury had a lousy week, allowing 14 goals on 66 shots.
The Hockey News 1 5 Sure, the Pens didn't look like a juggernaut last week. They're still going to be the go-to Cup favorite for many a pundit.
NHL 1 5 After winning 11 straight, the Penguins suddenly look mortal again. They are 4-4-1 in their last nine and have allowed 29 goals in their last six games.
Sports Illustrated 1 4 After getting that terrific 5-2 win at MSG against the Rangers on March 15, they stumbled with a horrific 8-4 loss to Ottawa nine days later. Then back-to-back losses to the Isles and Sunday's defeat by Philly at home, with at least five goals-against in all three games. Time for the Pens to get back to the more disciplined defensive style that characterized their team play before Sidney Crosby returned.
TSN 1 1 Tumultuous times for a team that still sits at the top of the rankings. Even if back-to-back losses to the Islanders could be written off somewhat by D Kris Letang's absence, the loss to Philadelphia on Sunday and 29 goals against in the last six games is hardly the kind of defensive play befitting a contender going into the postseason.
Hockey Prospectus 4
The Penguins haven't just been winning, they've been demolishing their competition. They've had four eight-goal efforts this season, and are averaging an outrageous 4.14 GF per game since February 11.

Aggregate rating last week: 1.33. This week: 4.00. TSN and Hockey Prospectus are the lone outlets remaining at #1.