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NHL 13 Cover Vote: Evgeni Malkin Vs. Claude Giroux In Final Four

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(SB Nation) -- The "NHL 13" cover vote is coming down to the wire. The latest installment in the popular EA Sports video game franchise will have its cover athlete decided upon via the ultimate display of democracy: the online fan vote.

Keeping in the tradition of the long and illustrious history of EA Sports' most popular property, the "Madden" football game series, there is a voting tournament for the honor of gracing the cover of the game's packaging.

Already in the semifinals, the final four NHL players competing to be on the cover are Claude Giroux facing off against Evgeni Malkin and Pekka Rinne taking on John Tavares. If you're interested in casting your vote for your favorite players, you can visit the official voting site on There is no limit to the number of times you can vote for a player.

The last winner of the vote was Steven Stamkos, who graced the cover of "NHL 12."