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My Current Favorite Pittsburgh Penguins Highlights

In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, how about this Pittsburgh Dad video. Does this remind anyone else of their old man? "HIT..ANYONE!"

A few more great videos for you on this summer afternoon after the jump..

I was at this game down in sunny Tampa Bay, so this Evgeni Malkin goal has a special place in my heart:

But, believe it or not, it wasn't even the best goal Geno scored against the Lightning this season...Turns out that vaunted 1-3-1 system doesn't really work when everyone just kinda stands there.

This Sidney Crosby to Kris Letang pass, followed by Letang's instant sling-shot one-timer is a thing of dreams. And, hopefully, a play that Penguins fans will be seeing a lot more of next fall.

Finally, we'll wrap up it with the newest Penguin, Tomas Vokoun, flashing some unbelievable leather on a glove save -- in overtime, no less -- on Vincent Lecavalier. Pretty soon he'll (hopefully) be doing this in black and Vegas-gold instead of those Caps colors.