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Zbynek Michalek traded back to Phoenix for prospect Harrison Ruopp, 3 rd pick, goalie

The draft is over, but the hits keep coming from the host team.

Ray Shero traded defenseman Zbynek Michalek back to the Phoenix Coyotes (the team whence he came to the Pens from as a free agent summer 2010) in exchange for defenseman prospect Harrison Ruopp, a 3rd round pick tomorrow and a minor league goalie.

Unreal wheeling and dealing right now for Shero. As I said on twitter, it's pretty clear he has a grand plan and is basically on about move 3 of 10 in a complicated game of chess.

One thing that should be clear: Shero saw, just like we all did, the Pens get shredded at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, and despite the 51 win regular season, this team is going to get a rehaul for next season.

For Michalek, he had a subpar season and endured a lot on an injured hip that had to be surgically repaired in the off-season. Most thought he'd be back, and be back better for next season. Shero, obviously, was not one.

What does this mean for beleaguered Paul Martin? And don't look now, Zach Parise and/or Ryan Suter, but Pittsburgh suddenly has $14 million of cap space currently....Just sayin: the only thing we know is a lot more is to come.