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Parise Madness to maybe end tonight. But probably not.

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From the excellent Michael Russo out of Minnesota:
Via text, Parise tells me, "All I can say is that we made a lot of progress and we are closer today than yesterday." But the highly-sought free agent is close to a decision, I'm told, but he does want to discuss everything with his family before coming home to Minnesota tomorrow. "We have thoroughly deliberated every option with Zach," agent Wade Arnott emailed me. "He wishes to take some time to step back and review all with his fiance and his family. We could be drawing closer to a decision." Parise has been overwhelmed with multi-million dollar offers from several teams. He wouldn't say which teams he's narrowed it down to, but he did say New Jersey is still in the mix. The Wild remains one team on his list, I'm ensured, and the others appear to be Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit.

You could read this unlimited ways- from the agent and family involved - which would seem to indicate favoring money or family ties (of which, the Pens would have neither great offers). But that's all conjecture and speculation.

It's a huge decision for Parise, and one we just have to sit back and wait for.

Zach Parise is trying to make a huge life decision, and for now, we're all just along for the ride until he comes to a decision.