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Pens have talked to Shane Doan, Agent reports Doan's "interested" in Pittsburgh

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From the PG's Shelly Anderson:

Add to list on UFA Doan. Agent Terry Bross via email: "They have been in contact and Shane is interested."

Doan, put a self-imposed July 9th timeline on when he would talk with other teams and take further steps in his free agency, and that is today.

It is believed that the Pittsburgh Penguins are just one of 11 teams formally interested in Shane Doan, so it's still long odds for Doan to be wearing a Penguins sweater.

Still, Pittsburgh ought to have the cap-room, and the obvious hole in the depth chart to sell to Doan that he could be have Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby as his center, on a strong, stable, contending team. That has to be a good selling point for a captain who's had to shoulder a lot of burden and worry in an unknown Phoenix climate for several years now given their ownership and arena difficulties.

It's early in the Doan process yet, but for now in this phase it's interesting to report that Shero has reached out to the player, and he's got a little bit of interest so far. Some have questioned whether Doan's decreased skating ability makes him a good fit for Bylsma system and have pointed out his declining stats over the past few seasons as reasons not to sign him. Money, and contract term (if he's seeking over a season or two) could also be sticking points.

On the other hand, Doan unquestionably brings a veteran leadership and presence the Penguins haven't had since Bill Guerin and would add size, physicality and pretty decent hands still to a forward line. If he choses to move on from Phoenix, a place like Pittsburgh would be a great and natural fit for the big forward.