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3 Pens Rated 90+ in NHL13

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Sort of dead (and apologies as we ramp up on the Paul Martin season recap for tomorrow) but Puck Daddy got their hands on the top players rankings for next month's (!!) installment of EA Sports latest addition, NHL13.

Sidney Crosby, rated 94, is the top-ranked player in the game. Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Datsyuk both clock in with 93's and Steven Stamkos and Evgeni Malkin make up the top 5 with 91's. Before Pens fans flip out, Ovechkin pretty much is the video game ideal with his skill-set, it's his consistent application of that skill that can be lacking. Still, I'd find it hard to notch him above Malkin in the year 2012 in any sort of ranking.

Defensively, Zdeno Chara is the top player with a 91 rating. Not terribly surprising there. Tied for second is Shea Weber, Duncan Keith and the Penguins' own, Kris Letang with a 90. Very cool to see Letang get some recognition there, and just another sign of how well-regarded he is league-wide. Like, he'll make the Norris finalist if he can play 70+ games well regarded. Ryan Suter, 88, is the 5th ranked defensemen.

For goalies they've got Ryan Miller leading the pack with a 92, in front of Henrik Lundqvist (91) Jonathan Quick and Carey Price carry a 90, and Roberto Luongo and Pekka Rinne have 89's. It'd be cool in video games if goalies got random +10 boosts at times, especially in the spring as a guy like Braden Holtby or Jarsoslav Halak (puke) heats up and goes on a ridiculous streak of games above their level.

With labor trouble drawing ever so closer, nice to take a look at the virtual world where you know you can have action whenever you want it.