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Evgeni Malkin to play in KHL during NHL lockout: Could Sidney Crosby join him?


(SB Nation) -- With pessimism surrounding NHL labor negotiations and a lockout looming, star Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin has indicated he'll play overseas in Russia if a work stoppage does occur.

Malkin, the 2012 Art Ross Trophy and Hart Trophy winner, told Pavel Lysenkov of Sovietsky Sport in Russia that he would play for Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the KHL if a lockout occurs. Malkin played with Metallurg for three seasons prior to joining the Penguins. Both sides have reportedly already engaged in discussions about a potential week-to-week contract in the event of a lockout.

Malkin also dished an update on his superstar teammate, Sidney Crosby. The Russian said Crosby may play in the KHL in the event of a lockout., but he would not play there in 2012. Malkin told Lynsenkov that Crosby wouldn't come over to Russia unless the entire season was canceled, and that the Pens captain would wait until after Christmas to make that move.